Thought I would share some of my favorite links. There are many great, great people out there helping authors find their feet in the ever changing publishing industry. I think it’s a great idea for aspiring authors to research as much as possible to find where their publishing path lies. I have linked my few favorites, but will add to it as I browse and discover.

The Creative Penn is fantastic for advice on publishing outside the traditional publishing houses. She’s my guru.

I stumbled across Nick Stephenson via Joanna Penn and feel grateful that I did. He has some wonderful advice.

Tom Morkes is a great entrepreneur. His site is pack with SUCCESS ideas.

If you are interested in writing romance then Romance Writers Australia is worth joining. They offer fantastic advice, workshops and of course the conference. You actually don’t need to be an Australian to be a member and benefit. You will find the equivalent at Romance Writers America.

I love to stop by at Romance University to see what they’re offering. I find their guest blogs worth a read for building craft and industry knowledge.

This one is not about the craft, but I love it all the same Story Cartel. It’s a place for authors to launch their books and gain reviews. But it’s also a place for readers to download free books in exchange for an honest review and in the process discover new authors.

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