Going deep


to the movies the other night to see Jasper Jones, which is one of my favorite novels of all time. The acting was superb, especially the youngsters that portrayed so faithfully Charlie, Jasper and Eliza. What made the whole experience more than just a movie night was the Q&A with Craig Silvey that came after.

I listened with interest to the questions asked and with more interest to the answers. But it wasn’t until I left the cinema on my way home did it occur to me how much focus was placed on one topic explored in the novel and none to another.

While both topics make for compelling discussion it was the latter (the mysteriously ignored topic) that had resounded through me long after I finished the book.

Makes me wonder if the reason for its admission in the discussion was because it’s not as topical or that it touches on a dark, taboo side of our society, something that happens being closed doors and in the heart of the family.

Who knows? But thank you Craig Silvey for such a fantastic book, and I’m looking forward to the next.



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