Finding unity


I love attending writing conferences. It’s the best way to connect with the writing community. If the conference is local, better still. Yesterday myself and three hills author buddies traveled down to Rockingham to attend the Rockingham Writers Conference.

I was impressed with the amount of effort a small writing centre put into creating a big event. They’d managed to attract the attention of an eastern states agent and local publishers, which gave many a chance to showcase their work with the potential for a contract. The workshops were insightful and the publishing panel enlightening, touching on such issues as the publishing industry, what’s the next hot genre—answer, you tell me—and many more.

These sorts of events are invaluable in keeping the passion of many aspiring writers alive. They help foster a community of like minded people and create a much needed and enjoyable diversion in a career that is by its nature solitary. But solitary need not mean alone. At a conference like this I never see someone standing by themselves for long. The zeal that writers have for chatting about all things writing means solitary soon turns to solidarity.

If you find yourself with the inkling to scratch a few words on the page or flex your fingers across the keyboard, then I strongly suggest seeking out a place where writers gather to chat and learn, look into what’s available in your local area, or on the internet. You need never be alone. The friendships you form will prove constructive, supportive and enduring.

Happy writing



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