Leaving the old behind

Recently I aborted my manuscript 50, 000 words in. I loved the premise, plotted like mad, launched in and before I knew it 50, 000 appeared on the page. And then the doubt set in. To tell you the truth, those irritating niggles that say this is not right, dogged me since the beginning. I ignored them because I was on a roll.

Finally, one day while cleaning my house, the real manuscript, not the pretend one masquerading as the real for the last 50, 000 words, came to me. I tried to padlock the idea away. I didn’t want to rewrite, not with all the words I had.

I had two choices. Keep what I had, perhaps try and rework for a little more zing, or go with my gut instincts and abandon ship. As any writer knows, there is more than one way to write your tale, and sadly my first approach was not the best possible way to tell my story. So I did the dreaded, I opened a new project on scrivener and started again.

I’m settled into it now and glad I did the swap. This version feels right, I’m exploring the themes in depth and having more fun. Occasionally I flip over to my previous manuscript and borrow a few sentences here and there, but on the whole I’ve left that one behind and feeling happier for it.

Happy writing everyone xx

TJ Adams






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