Things I learned today


women sunset

From my dog

While out walking, run, bark up at the trees (to scare birds), also bark at passing cars and doges behind fences, just to demonstrate your exhilaration with the day. I’m not about to bark, but I will choose to wear my exhilaration as a cloak, so everyone has a chance to soak up the happy vibes.

From my cat

Each moment is far too precious to waste on movement. Cats have this way of looking totally Zen. I can’t help but unwind when I sit next to a cat, making it a great time to breath out and reflect on everything I’ve said, thought and done today. Is the culmination of all three getting me to where I want to be?

From my children

To be heard, make as much noise as you can. I mustn’t be afraid to use my voice when necessary. I must also remember to speak in a nonjudgemental way. On the flip side (something I wish my children would do more of) I must learn to shut up when others are talking as I may miss something important.

From my husband

Don’t worry, someone else will pick it up. Contrary to this lesson, I’ve learned to do, rather than wait. I won’t tread time hoping someone will give me a break. I have to create my own breaks because no one but me knows exactly what I want or need.

From me

Solitude and something good to eat is all I need at the end of the day.

Hope your day went great.

TJ Adams x


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