Cover Reveal



She’s a total gem, my cover designer, Yvonne Less from art4artists. This manuscript, and now the cover, was a labour of love.

I wasn’t sure what I had in mind for the cover after completing the novel. I fought a mental tug-of-war with which key aspects of the story to suggest as cover possibilities. After many long emails with Yvonne, where I tried to explain the salient points of the story without wasting her precious time sending her pages of description and spamming her inbox, she came up with a few ideas. The crux of it was to include the key aspects in subtle ways.

When Yvonne sent her final version, I nearly fell off my seat. She’d managed to capture the heart and soul of the story.

An author once said to me that she liked her books to earn their covers. Well, I can say with pleasure this book earned its cover, well and truly.

I told Yvonne, if she’d been around when I received the cover, I would’ve given her a big hug. Instead I paid her invoice, which I’m sure she much preferred.

TJ Adams x

Coming end of July




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