It’s been so long

this one

I’ve finally come out of the dark, literally. I have been without power for ten days, experiencing life as a frontier mother, cooking over a wood stove by candle light, having one minute showers because showering in winter in cold water sucks, dropping into the local library with everything that needs charging—including my electric toothbrush.

Finally, we managed to detect the problem along the length of our one hundred and fifty meter sunken cable that doesn’t span the distance of our driveway, but runs through our paddock. Of course, we should have known that. Turns out we live on ground resembling a swamp and the conduit had a river running through it. But we didn’t find that out until the backhoe dug up half the paddock to find it.

On a positive, we now know so much more about our electrics,

and plumbing, which also happens to run through the paddock, and which the backhoe went through because he wasn’t expecting the pipes to be there—not to mention all the shonky plumbing work we discovered when the pipes were exposed (the backhoe driver moonlighted as a plumber, or was it the other way round, and filled us in on all the incorrect fittings etc. that had been used).

Some how through all that, I managed to keep my word count and liaison with my cover designer (even though my email account got nervous with all the different servers I kept using and refused to allow me to send anything).

Soon I will have a cover to show off for my up and coming release Fade to Gray. So excited to share it with you all.

TJ Adams x



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