A little inspiration with your tea


I’m an avid tea drinker, but not the black kind. I’m a herbal lady. Green tea is high up the list, especially when it’s blended with flavors like vanilla, strawberry or jasmine. I work through a pot or two while I write.

Every Sunday I visit my local farmers’ market to buy my vegetables, and I always make a special stop at the tea man’s stall, maned by a little guy hidden behind a mountain of assorted teas stacked high on little terraces so he can fit them on a single fold out table. He has every tea you can think of and some you can’t. In the days of multi-chain supermarkets, I love to come across artisans specializing in their own trade; they’re a dying breed (but that’s another story).

So I was particularly excited when I found  Little Green Dot website. What lead me to the site, a recipe for homemade body butter; what kept me on the site, a recipe for tea. They called it inspirational tea. And the recipe is nothing but an inspiration. Made with fresh pineapple, rosella, also known as hibiscus (yum, love hibiscus) and ginger (double yum, double love ginger).

I gave it a try and it was delicious. Apparently it’s a powerhouse of nutrients. Perhaps that’s why I stayed up till late writing in a flurry of inspiration. But it wasn’t just the gorgeous recipe I took away from the site. I stole this paragraph because I loved it so much I wanted to share it.

Look, if you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a hole – in my experience, the way to get out is to take action. Take all that inspiration bubbling inside and let it burst out of you! Get moving, get hands-on and create whatever it is, big or small, that you’re inspired to do.

I try and practice that most days. It’s not always easy, ruts create inertia, and inertia zaps energy. But it’s true, taking action is like filling in the deep gouges in your life, making the surface smoother to move across. If you keep doing it, it becomes a habit. Once something is a habit you do it without thinking. In other words you rescue yourself without consciously doing so. And then you learn to rely on…yourself, because you know you’ll get through.

So I raise my inspirational tea and toast to you all and hope you have productive days.

TJ Adams x


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