It’s not always wine and caviar

Recently I suffered a sudden crash in self confidence. I didn’t just loss my mojo, as I mentioned a couple of posts back, I lost everything: my belief that I could write something worth reading. Once on the slippery slope of drooping confidence it’s a hard climb back to the top, especially when you belief you’re alone in your feelings.

Sad woman sitting alone near window

I was in the slump as mentioned by Dr Seuss (you must remember him) from one of my favorite Dr Seuss books Oh, the places you will go. And, according to him, I wasn’t in for much fun.

Well, then what happen…

After a wasted day of feeling miserable and not wanting to look at my work, I logged onto Facebook to catch up with the latest news from fellow authors, only to find four posts expressing the same sentiment, fours authors struggling to feel worth in what they were writing.


There’s nothing like unity in shared emotions.





These women are fantastic authors, each with a long line of releases and selling really well. They were sliding down the slippery slope and joining me in the slump because they were perhaps holding on too tight and becoming overly critical about their work, losing the ability to see it objectively.

So there was my answer. Perhaps time to ply my white knuckled fingers from the keyboard and step away. Time to do something affirming for a while before I come back with a positive perspective. After all, being in the slump is just a state of mind, and those never need be permanent.





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