Going a second round

My second round of edits arrived for my long ago written story, which I mentioned a couple of posts back. I’m liking what I see. As I scroll through the screen I can see more black type on white without the interruption of red. Also in the columns, the comments, deletes and insertions have drastically reduced.


There is a huge sigh of relieve—from me— before I plunge into the second round. I’m no longer looking at an onerous task, so I won’t be needing moral support beside me in the form of a mars bar muffin (but what the hell, I can have one anyway). Even better, as I move through the pages I find comment boxes in the form of compliments about my style not critiques about how that word is inappropriate for the paragraph, or character.



Now I have my happy face on and am feeling like I can actually write.




Love my editor. She makes everything read smoother.



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