You may not get it right the first time


Achieving anything is about over coming self doubt. Those that succeed are those that ignore any niggling conversations their mind might try to engage them in. They just do what needs doing, regardless of the possibilty of failure. You don’t always need confidence, but you definitely need tenacity.

I say all this because sometimes being an author involves sticking your neck out, taking a gamble on your dream and being prepared to watch it fall…a few rungs down the ladder—hopefully not too many rungs (that’s where the tenacity comes in. You just cling on to stop yourself from slipping too far, then climb right back up)

Author’s write about their dreams. They love their characters. They love their plots. They love everything about their books and eagerly share it with the world. But it’s not always going to go as planned. Not everyone will love a story the way an author does. It’s that whole subjective thing.

So, where do I fit in. At the start. Everyday brings obstacles and rewards: opportunites to question myself, opportunities to learn, opportunities to find my courage and opportunities to revel in the joys of being an author.




“What you get from achieving your goals is not as important as what you become from achieving your goals” – Henry David Thoreau


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