What to do when it’s not happening



You know what I mean when I say it’s not happening. That’s right, I’m talking about writing. Recently I had a minor meltdown. My mojo was sucked dry. All I could do was sit in front of the computer, staring at my half written story and thinking it was total garbage—us author’s have momentary lapses like that all the time.

I turned my brain inside out trying to develop more storyline for the next 30,000 words, but there was no epiphanies in site, which then triggered the slid into major meltdown, especially since a deadline looms.

I did the only thing I could do. I abandoned my computer with the cursor still blinking at the end of my dead sentence and zoomed off to my closest Beautician.

She had a free spot. Joy of joy. There I indulged in one hour of luxury. I haven’t done this sort of thing in years; the sort where you actually do something just for you. And while I lay there under my face mask with freezing cold eye packs over my eyes that just about froze my eyeballs, I had my epiphany.

I was heading home and the song The Nights by Avicii came on. I drove along listening to the lyrics about leading the life you will remember. I got back home and sat down in front of my computer and started writing again.

Yeah, the plot might suck, the characters keep arguing with each other and then with you (which doesn’t matter because you can always get your own back by killing one of them off), but at least I am leading the life I will remember.

I hope you are 🙂



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