The first of many rejections

Your book is superb, it will be a bestseller and then made into a movie, because quite frankly it’s the best damn read anyone has had in a long time. That’s not just modesty speaking. It’s the truth—in the eyes of ever writer.

I’m a member of an author only publishers chat group, and I recently read one conversation by a new time author excited about his new contract. He stated he couldn’t wait to share his novel with readers as it was a damn good story that everyone was going to enjoy. The cute thing was, we all thought the same about our own (his may well be the next hunger games, who can tell?).

Here we are kissing our babies and sending them off to the publishers with high hopes of success, believing that this manuscript is everything they have been holding their collective breaths for, so when the rejection comes through it’s like a slap in the face; it’s not what we are looking for right now; it doesn’t fit in with our line etc etc.

Now the great thing about rejection emails is if you receive enough of them, you become immune to their effect, which means you’re able to pick yourself up quicker and move on. And the advent of ebooks, which then brought on an influx of ebook publishers, means there are plenty more publishers to move on to.

I’ve felt the hard slaps of rejection many times during my writing journey, but when I sit down and question myself on whether I am cut out to be an author, I can’t think of one single thing I would rather be doing, one single thing that fills me with so much passion. If I peel back the truth, I realize I’m the only true obstacle in my way, which means it’s an easy obstacle to shift.



I love love love the tenacity of this author. Yes, it’s the amazing JK Rowling. We have a Little Caesars pizzeria about five minutes up the road from where I live. I may start sending my manuscripts there and see what happens.

JK Rowling


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