Where did the idea come from?

Alas, the story behind the idea for In His Keeping is nothing exciting. It started with an image and that image was expanded on and formed a core part of chapter four, when Matrix takes Elise into the underworld for the first time and what she has to face on the ledge. From here I developed the premise, a woman who sells her soul to the devil to save her sister’s life.

gates of hell
Gates of Hell http://cdn.superbwallpapers.com

Once I had my, as we call it in the author world, elevator pitch—a blurb short enough to pitch to a publisher while he or she is running out the door—questions emerged. This is good, because questions are what an author can use to build the story, find the crux or dark moment and flesh out their characters.

in his keeping 3


What would it mean to sell your soul to the devil? How would it make you feel to know despair was all you had to look forward to? How could Elise face saying goodbye to her younger sister, who would be left with no one in her world whom loved her? These questions helped me form Elise, gave me her history, her motivations and goals for doing what she did and structured the tone of the novel, which I classify as dark paranormal. The black moment that led her to the crossroads and drove to her make her terrible deal emerged and the book took form.

But a book is full of more than one character. People had to affect and influence Elise’s decisions for good or bad. Matrix took her blood and signed the deal. To me he was as important as Elise, so I wanted him to be as complex and formed. He needed his own goals and motivations for the choices he made.

in his keeping 4

The idea for these came along in the most unlikely way. A couple of years ago, when I was the queen of first chapters, writing short snippets because I didn’t believe I could write a full novel, I completed a 5,000 word short story. This languished at the back of my computer until In His keeping came along. Suddenly I knew what to do with those 5,000 words. They were woven into the novel to drive his own dark motivation.

I would be interested to hear if anyone whom has read the book can pick up which parts were the orginal 5,000 words from my short story.

For those of you who have read In His Keeping, I hope you enjoyed it. I would appreciate a review if you can spare the time. For those who haven’t, if it sounds like something you would be interested in reading, you can buy it at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, ibooks

Some people have mentioned to me they have had trouble finding it on smashwords. Just make sure you have adult content switched on when you search.


PS Dying for love is in the making—the second book in the series


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