Blood Bound – Book Review


image of blood boundThis is a hard review to write as, I have to admit, I never finished the book. First, however, I want to label the good points about K. Cater’s novel, Blood Bound.

Blood Bound appears to be a gentle love story between two friends (I read at least a third and this is the understanding I gained). A tragedy has befallen and Emily’s boyfriend, Ian, dies after being in a coma as the result of a terrible fall. Rian, Ian’s cousin and good friend, turns up at the funeral after having been absent for a long time. Ian, Emily and Rian were great friends when they were young, and of course Emily is devastated because Rian never visited his cousin in hospital while he was in a coma, or came to offer Emily his support during that time.

Rian wishes to rekindle Emily’s and his friendship, and I got the feeling, more, but she is angry with him for his selfishness at having stayed away. That is as a far as I got with the plot.

Carter created such sympathy for her leading characters, especially Rian, who I got the impression she enjoyed developing. I think she was superb in depicting Rian. His dialogue and inner monologue were great to read. Emily, too, was brought off the page.

The book has a host of other characters, namely Emily’s family, particularly the mother, which were enjoyable to read.

My reason for not completing this book was the editing. In the first chapter I came across a few mistakes, which I read over thinking ‘well that happens’. However, every chapter contained a considerable amount of grammatical errors, which over the course of the book finally got to me. I became too distracted, and it pulled me out of the story.

I strongly recommend K. Cater re-edit her novel and then republish, as it would be an enjoyable read once clean.

I give it 3


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