An excerpt for your enjoyment

With the release of  In His Keeping, Renee and I are concentrating on the next in our Hells Gate series White Moon. The book has moved into its final stage, proofs, then we’ll be ready to go.

Rewinding, I thought I would give you an excerpt of In His Keeping for your enjoyment.

Happy reading.


Tears crowded the corners of my eyes. My cloak of courage failed, the cloak shrouding my fear, now ripped from my shoulders, exposing my weakness.

He came to the front, filling my view, taking my space.

“Will you do that?”

His breath brushed my lips as his words nailed through my heart.

For you, Marly. “Yes.”

He grabbed my wrist and brought it up. The fire of his touch made me cry out in pain. His other hand appeared from behind his back. In it a blade, its length designed for torture. He held it by the long handle, fisted as if to kill, but inched it downward with the speed of a snail.

I froze. My words lodged in my throat. Not even a scream was thin enough to make it through.

The blade touched my wrist. The cold iced my flesh, as his fire had seared straight through. A sharp sting followed the cut as he drew the blade down, tracing a line along my vein. The throb began soon after. Wet ran in trails over the edge of my arm, dripping onto the gravel. When he was done, he raised his hand. I became mesmerized in terror, my eyes following the arc of the blade, as it swung into the air, the stain of my blood, black in the moonlight. High up on the handle, close to the blade, a green stone glowed, it’s luminescence swirling like green fire. I watched the blade vanish like an image from a nightmare fading upon awakening. I would never awaken. My nightmare would become my day.

As slowly as he’d lowered the blade, he lowered his head. The chill of his tongue pierced my wound, as he licked the line of the cut, sealing the wound, taking my pain.

He lifted his head and looked me in the eye, but in the night his eyes were black pits—I saw nothing but death. His lips burned their mark on mine. His tongue, ice cold, penetrated my warm mouth, freezing me inside. I breathed in the taste of my blood and thought only of hell. He commanded my compliance with a hand at the back of my head and another around my waist. A deep devouring kiss that stole my mind and body, burning the girl and replacing her with a slave.

He broke the kiss moments later and backed away, one, two, three paces, and more. He began to disappear into the darkness taking the shadows with him. Only his voice lingered.

“You’re mine, Elise.”

Hope you enjoyed



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