So what’s next

With the publication of In His Keeping, I’m left scratching my head on what to do next. I have a couple of works in the pipeline, obviously one of my priorities is book 2 in the Dealer of Souls series, Dying for Love.


Dying fb twitter 600x800_72dpi
My beautiful cover from the talented Yvonne Less art4artist
beautiful sexy girl holding gun . smoke background
She’s my perfect heroine for book 2

But there are a few others now vying for my attention. The one pulling forward from the back has a working title of Fade to Gray, a segue way from my paranormal.

Sexy Woman Sit On Timber At Night
I’m using her to define my heroine in Fade to Gray

This keeps happening to me. Stories are cramming for space and none of them want to stay in one genre (which I’ve heard is not a clever move for an author. Apparently it’s best to stick with one genre for discoverability and all that).

In the manuscript department, I’m currently facing a psychological thriller, an urban fantasy (the distinction between urban fantasy and paranormal can fade to gray on most occasions but this one doesn’t include the usual line up of paranormal beasts), a futurist-slash-dystopian-can’t-decide-which-genre-fits-best, a otherworldly erotica (yes I do write those. Bound, due out in a few months with Caliburn Press was my first foray into the no-longer-behind-closed-doors-and-taking-up-more-than-its-fair-share-of-the-manuscript sex scenes). Then there is the finalizing of White Moon with author buddy Renee Hammond.

Busy days ahead.




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