Stuck in writers block

Facing writers block is one of the worst situations for a writer. It’s like a wall has descended in front of you and there’s no going forward. Snippets of ideas are coming through but out of context and too small to go on with. My mind is grasping but there is nothing to grip hold of.

What I’m whining about is the next book in my Dealer of Souls series. Book two has turned into a devil to write. My hero suddenly morphed into a discharged solider. Now it may not sound like anything to go blank over, I didn’t think so either until I started trying to create his story.

I’ve been reading a lot on soldiers dealing with PTSD, of course I would make it hard by giving my hero PTSD. I became lost in their tragic recounts and forgot about my hero completely then ended up feeling quite low and now wonder if I have what it takes to touch the depth of the emotions. I’ve never experienced anything like it myself and so can only recreate from what I’ve read. I hope it’s enough.

I’m worried about making the story too heavy. I’m trying to find a balance between my hero’s history and the plot.

But I’m hooked on my hero now. I can’t go back. I can’t change him into someone else. It seems he wants to exit. So I’ll grant him his life and see how the story unfolds. When I finally get over this wall.



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