Dark Moon has been unleashed

Very excited to announce the release of Dark Moon, book one in the Hells Gate Series.

Dark Moon has been a labour of love for both myself and fellow author Renee Hammond. It has been one of my most exciting projects from the first moment we both decided to do a joint venture together to pressing the publish button on the KDP dashboard.

Renee and I have ensconced ourselves every Friday for months at our local cafe, drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate and eating every cake the cafe has in their selection (not all on the same day). We spent two extra days in Melbourne, when our flights home from RWA ’15 were cancelled, tucked at the back of the Lindt and Ganache cafes re-plotting some of the subsequent books (making them soooo much more exciting).

We’ve learned the ins and outs of selfpubbing (I think) making lots of mistakes, especially when it came to joint tax submissions in Australia and America.

It’s taken a lot of planning and co-operation between the two of us, and I’ve come to the conclusion that we make a great team.

But the most exciting thing of all is our books, especially the release of the first. It’s fabulous to see it finally on Amazon.


Dark Moon is available on AmazonSmashwords, iBooks

Below is a little teaser. I hope you enjoy

Inside, the place thrived. He moved through the crowd, eyeing every woman who crossed his path and dismissing them just as quick. He wanted the right sort of woman tonight.

A dark beauty hung on the end of the bar with her ample breasts spilling over the top of her red sequin top and her denims clinging to her legs for support. Her hair was swept up in a loose tie at the back exposing the curve of her neck. He would run his tongue from her chin to the deep center of her breasts in one lick.

Tray intercepted him half way there.

“Wyman’s waiting out back.”

“Holt’s got the goods.”

“Sure, but Wyman wants the story from you both. You know how it goes.”

“We messed with her mind, brought her home. End of fucking tale.” The anger pulsed through him in a nanosecond.

“Not my call, man.”

“See the chick at the end of the bar.”

Tray followed Locke’s stare.

“She’s mine. See to it she stays that way, will you.”

“Not a bad choice. Shall I warm her while you’re away?”

“Do it, and I cancel my seat at the poker table tomorrow night.”

“I’ll keep my hands by my sides at all times.”

“It’s not your hands I’m worried about.”

Locke slapped Tray on the back as he headed for the rear door, the one for Hells Gate members only, and any broad they chose to favor, be it for one night or a smidgeon longer.



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