Finding Connections

Being an author can be a lonely business, especially if you write full-time. While going to work in your pajamas and bed hair is fantastic, there is no one to have a chat with around the coffee machine at break—unless you have a sympathetic pet who likes to stare at you will you talk, my dog is one of those, even cocks his head to the side while I talk.

Social media, of course, has changed that dramatically by allowing anyone to engage in multiple conversation with a dozen different people in a dozen different countries simultaneously. But as human beings what we really crave is face-to-face connection.

I say all this because today I had the privilege of connecting with a group of warm, enthusiastic and very welcoming authors from my local area. I’ve shared likes, thumbs up and shares with many on Facebook, so it was great to finally shake hands.

We spent the better half of the day, sharing progress reports on WIPs, marketing ideas and feeding each other lots of support. It’s wonderful to meet people who share your passion and are willing to sit for hours and talk about books and writing without their eyes glazing over or lids drooping closed (my husband does work long hours, so I guess he can be excused).

So, thank you to those ladies who made my day fun. All the best on all your future projects.



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