Time for a little teaser

Dark Moon

Release Date 19th August

for webstie

He stepped toward her, and she stepped back, so he shook his head and smiled a warning. He moved closer still, and she disobeyed by moving another step back, which was good because she was now pressed against the bar. He shot his arms out either side of her, using his body as a barrier, and craned down toward her. She looked up, her lips slightly parted, but not the sort of parting that signaled she wanted a kiss.

“You’re here, which is not a smart move.

Too bad.

He captured her mouth and, without invitation, plunged his tongue inside. Her mouth was soft, warm and a shocked gasp escaped, vibrating through him on the way out. He planned a short, demanding kiss, designed to stamp his authority, before pulling away, but now he had her mouth where he wanted it, he found it hard to release. Her hands were caught between them, and she pushed against his chest, which felt like moth wings fluttering. But she had teeth, and he wouldn’t put it passed her to bite, so he released her, but only far enough, allowing himself to whisper in her ear. “Hello, little witch.”


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