Finding the right path

As with everything you choose to do in life, you’ll find a plethora of How To’s, which is great, until you dig up more of those helpful How To’s, and yet more. Next they start contradicting each other. Worst of all, some of them stop talking to you. As you read them, you feel a jarring inside, but you ignore it because, after all, the writer is an expert.

Yes, you know were I’m going with this. An author is faced with a mountain of How To’s. You can study writing at university, Tafe, online, in a book. You will find a conference for pretty much any genre you wish to write in, plus plenty of willing author’s ready to share their advice.

All good stuff. Remaining open to continually learning and improving will only make you a better author.

Sometimes, though, the things I hear and read fail resonate inside. Other times I’m ready to fall in love with the author of that information because it speaks to my soul.

I stumbled on Dean Weasley Smith the other day thanks to my obsessive following of Joanna Penn. Some of his comments fell into the resonating category for me.

The key is to just step back and think it through, decide what path, what method, is right for you. Very easy for me to say, very hard for all of us to do.”

I particularly liked his suggestion of keeping open to everything that comes your way, continue to seek knowledge and learn, but always hold true to yourself and what is best for you, which may not necessarily be what you’re hearing right now.

I love what I do. The experience of authorship is tremendously fun, scary, frustrating and rewarding. Everyday I learn more and become better. Everyday I move closer and closer to the path that is truly right for me.



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