Looking For Guidance

The Writing industry is not for the faint heart. Sounds like a writing prompt. It could be. It also happens to be true.  Getting your baby contracted can feel like your climbing Mt Everest, and that’s the beginning. Next you have sell the book.

Some of the best advice for beginners, to help save a lot of stress and nibbled nails, is to find a mentor, join a writing community, plus research, research, research the industry.

I often tune into Joanna Penn’s blog for guidance. As a published author with a string of book successes and marketing background, Joanna offers a steady hand in the turbulent world of writing.

This was worth a look.

By the way, my little bit of advice is to stay savvy in the publishing and marketing industry. It’s a great time for authors with loads of opportunities. On the flip side, the industry is in upheaval. If you’re savvy, you can ride the wave on the crest without getting submerge.

Enjoy x



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